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Seeing new places and taking pictures is our passion!  We travel overseas at least once a year to gain unforgettable experiences and shoot like crazy.  Home base is Denver, CO and we really love it.  The Rockies are phenomenal and the hiking and biking is endless.  We take several road trips in and around Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas and wherever the road may take us.  


Typically we shoot landscapes, architecture and urban decay. We took a workshop at the Denver Zoo and have started really enjoying wildlife photography.  A trip to the Galapagos was truly fantastic and the wildlife is so close we didn't need to use a super telephoto lens (good thing because they are heavy!).  Ok, a trip to the Nature and Science Museum in Denver and we are taking photos of the stuffed animals display. We did the same thing at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  I think we are ready for that African Safari!


What’s in our bag?  

We have ditched the DSLR and moved over to mirrorless. The new gear is smaller, lighter and so much fun! 

  • Erich: Nikon Z6, Lumix LX100. Olympus OMD-M1 Mark III

  • Michelle: FujiFilm XT3, Lumix LX100, Olympus OMD-M1 Mark III



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